Decor Tips

What Makes a Good Home?

A good home is one that you can’t wait to go back to. It is instantly welcoming, with a personality that grabs you the moment you walk through the front door, and perhaps even the moment you turn into the driveway.

When making your home your own, don’t be afraid to go with your own sense of style and your convictions – after all, you are the person who will have to live there.

while houses in lifestyle magazines may be appealing, the beautiful furnishings may not be appropriate in a lounge with a number of energetic children and pets.

There are some universal rules to home design to guide you on your decorating endeavours.

Harmonise with the environment:

Stamping your individual style on a home is one way of making it your own, but don’t forget that a good home should complement the site and environment. Look around your home – this is the wider environment you have to work with. A brightly painted home may not be appropriate in a street full of neutrally painted villas.

Accent the positive:

Use accents on your home’s exterior and in each interior room. Aim for a focal point in each area and develop the room or exterior around this. Typically the focal point in a dining room would be the table, in the bedroom it would be the bed and duvet, while the focal point on an exterior may simply be the brightly painted front door.

Put some colour in your life:

Keeping it simple is a principle that always applies but that does not mean that you have to keep it boring! Colour has the ability to add character, create space, accentuate features, hide flaws, warm up a house, modernize, and increase value.

Bold colours such as Red and Orange are high energy colours whereas Blue and Green are colder colours that create a calm mood. Maroons, Ochre and Yellow are also in the warmer spectrum and will brighten up a colder room. On the other hand they may be overwhelming in a sunny room where the colder colours can work well.

By including all the outside structures such as the garage, fence and shed in the same colour scheme, the perception of size and style will be enhanced. A lighter colour will make a house or room look bigger. Low ceilings can be “lifted” by painting them white, and a high ceiling can be made more cosy by painting it dark.


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